Staff Wellbeing Programme – Connect and Recharge

Does your team need a breath of fresh air?

We will boost your staff wellbeing and resilience through our bespoke woodland sessions of mindful connection, bushcraft skills and relaxation.

CONNECT to nature, each other and yourself, and

RECHARGE through a mix of mindful relaxation and woodland skills

We create bespoke programmes for small groups

  • Up to 12 people (1:1 available)
  • Varying session lengths: half day, full day, several days, ongoing weekly support
  • Different types of catering available: bring your own, campfire one-pot meal, high quality caterer
  • All outdoors, risk assessed and ‘Covid secure’
  • Led by experienced, fully insured outdoor practitioners
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness and we aim to be accessible for all

Sessions can include a combination of the following

  • Activities to foster team and community building
  • Fire prep, lighting and simple cooking
  • Woodcrafts using saw, axe and knife
  • Mindful nature connection exercises and/or Forest Bathing
  • Creative natural crafts, e.g. willow, clay, tie dye
  • Woodland walks

Why now?

Looking after your team has never been more important. Your members of staff might

  • experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression due to fear of infection, the (repeated) need to adapt to new roles and/or procedures and/or juggling work and family commitments
  • feel lonely due to working remotely from home and/or or self-isolating for periods of time
  • feel exhausted and removed from reality due to increased time spent in front of screens
  • feel burnt out caring for those who are vulnerable or ill

The benefits

We think we have the perfect antidote to these pressures – spending quality time in nature. Research has proved what we instinctively knew already – that being in nature is good for us.

There are measurable physical effects including

  • slower breathing
  • heart rate stabilises
  • blood pressure drops
  • reduced production of the stress hormone cortisol
  • a boosted immune system.

Moreover, we just feel better, are more relaxed, ruminate less and feel less anxious. These benefits to our overall wellbeing are being increasingly validated and recognised, to the point that time in nature is now even prescribed by GPs.

Our approach

To make the most of this natural tonic, we have developed the Connect and Recharge programme especially for organisations like yours. 

Our woodland site offers the ideal environment to slow down, relax and immerse yourself in nature. In a playful way, we focus our attention away from stress and worries and towards the here and now, observing nature’s beauty, getting creative and/or learning empowering skills like fire lighting and tool use.

Our programme follows the Five Ways to Wellbeing developed by the New Economics Foundation,  widely recognised to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing:

  • Connect – to yourself, to others, to nature
  • Be active – in the woodland environment
  • Take notice – of the beauty that surrounds us
  • Learn – new creative, empowering skills
  • Give – your time, attention and valued self

Get in touch

If you are interested in our Connect and Recharge programme, please get in touch to discuss your requirements – we are looking forward to working with you on bespoke sessions to boost your staff wellbeing and resilience. We offer discounts for small non-profit organisations as well as for longer term programmes.

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