Wellbeing and Woodland Skills for Women

All our sessions offer a supportive, non-competitive environment that allows you to learn and/or develop your outdoor skills, relax amongst the trees of our wonderful woodland site and connect to other people.

We offer a range of different sessions:

  • Wild Women: Our ‘day retreat’ – woodland walk, natural crafts, food and woodland skills.
  • Introduction to Bushcraft: A whole day of bushcraft skills – learn fire lighting, safe whittling techniques and setting up a tarp and hammock.
  • Saturday Meetups: Join us for our monthly meetups to hone your skills, relax and play in nature and meet up with like-minded people (our Saturday Meetups are open to anyone independent of gender)

Why women-only sessions?

We have been running women’s sessions for a number of years and are always astounded at the power and magic that happens when women are together. We first started offering sessions as a response to observations from our parent and toddler groups – the mums (we now have an increasing number of dads taking part in our family groups but at the time, these were rare) were enjoying the activities and the company of others in nature but were mostly busy looking after their child(ren); our women’s session were aimed to give them the opportunity to be creative, connect to others and enjoy some proper ‘me time’ relaxing and re-energising.

We have had fantastic feedback to these sessions, especially from those who dedicate a lot of their life to caring for their families – self-care usually comes last on long lists of family and work commitments.

For us, learning bushcraft skills over the many years of being Forest School practitioners we have experienced how empowering it is to light fires, swing an axe or whittle, and we are passionate about facilitating these opportunities for other women. Bushcraft is very much a male dominated field, and we know how intimidating it can feel to be the only woman in a course full of men. Our sessions are supportive and non-competitive. We facilitate exploring and developing skills, not a showing off of who has the biggest knife or the fanciest equipment.

You will learn skills that you can easily replicate with minimal equipment in your own time, at home or out and about. You will gain confidence in your own abilities and about your place in nature.

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