Our activities and access to the countryside

From the start, we have been thinking long and hard about what we should and shouldn’t put into this blog but this very weird, unprecedented situation keeps changing and we need to take into account the updated government rules of ‘staying at home’ during the Coronavirus outbreak. We obviously urge everyone to follow these, especially if you or anyone in your household has underlying health conditions or if you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms.

If we are/appear to be healthy and have no underlying conditions, we are allowed to go out for one exercise a day. For me, the best regenerating exercise is a walk in the woods. There are so many health benefits from being in the woods which we have touched on in an earlier post. However, it has emerged now (or maybe I just didn’t quite understand it straight away) that we are not supposed to travel to do our exercise but that they should start from our front door. This is obviously immensely limiting, especially if you live in an urban environment without easy walking or cycling access to the countryside.

So far, we had banked on people being able to access woodlands or other greenspaces, which might not be possible now that we are only allowed essential travel (for me, driving to a woodland close by to look after my mental health is essential travel but officials might not think so). With that in mind, we will try extra hard to choose activities that only need very limited resources and information about plants that you can find on your doorstep walk. It might not always be right for all people but hopefully suitable for most.

Hopefully though you will be able to walk or cycle to a park, common or woodland where you can spend some time, ideally slightly off the beaten track. There are lots of wonderful places in and around our towns and villages that are usually very quiet. Always follow the Forest School Agreements – We look after ourselves, we look after each other, we look after nature – as well as the countryside code which can be found here.

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