Making bird nests

As our birds are busy nesting and Easter is fast approaching, today’s activity idea is making nests. This can be as easy or as complicated, simple or sophisticated as you like. Here are three different ideas:

Using clay

If you have, you can make a bowl shape out of clay (or playdough), then line it with things you find.

Using sticky weed

Sticky weed, also known as goosegrass or cleavers, is growing prolifically. Due to its stickiness, long strand can easily be shaped into a nest which can then be decorated. It won’t last long as the sticky weed will wilt but is quick and pretty.

From scratch

The most challenging way is to try and do what birds do – making a nest from scratch. It is best to start with a good amount of long strands of a pliable material, e.g. dry grass or wild clematis/old man’s beard (pic below), that you can shape into the bowl; then add sticks and line with something soft.

Extension activities

If you would like to extend this activity, you could try the following:

  • Do some bird spotting to find out which birds live in your garden/local patch.
  • Research what kind of nests your winged neighbours make and where. Which materials do they use, which shape? Are nests on the ground, in shrubs or high up in the trees?
  • How do the eggs look? Which colour are they and how big? How long will it take until chicks hatch? You could make eggs out of clay and paint them.
  • Help birds by putting out appropriate feed and/or nesting material, e.g. sheep’s wool or coconut fibres.

We would love to see your nests! What has worked for you? Please share it with us in the comments or via FB or Instagram.

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