Worry Dolls

Make some of your own wee stick people to pop under your pillow at night. Before you do give each stick person a worry of yours to take care of and they will hold it away from you so that you can sleep.

These stick folk are approximately 4cm so a little bit bigger than the traditional Guatemalan dolls. You can make your stick people any size you like of course.


  • a bundle of twigs with ‘y’shaped forks
  • fine yarn or embroidery thread
  • scissors

Below is a technique for binding your thread without knots. It’s super satisfying and you will be looking for other things to try it on. Try it on a larger scale than stick folk to master initially.


  1. Cut thread 4x length you need to cover
  2. Loop end of thread back on itself just beyond length you will need to cover
  3. Place loop end on top of stick
  4. Carefully pinch end opposite loop and
  5. With one hand take long end of thread and wrap tightly around both pieces to hold in place
  6. Keep wrapping around until you reach the loop
  7. Tuck working end through loop
  8. Grasp both ends and gently pull ‘top’ thread until end that is tucked through the loop is tucked firmly under binding
  9. Trim both ends closely with scissors


  1. Tie on a length of string to body where you want arms to be placed. Keep your ‘working end’ long and the spare end short but not so short that you can’t tie off with it at the end
  2. Take working end and move over horizontal , under vertical , over horizontal, under vertical etc until it has been wrapped around at least twice
  3. With enough working end left you can now wrap it round a couple of times between two sticks. Pull tight each turn and tie off. This is called your frapping turn.


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